Chrismas sale is
always the best festival sale in Rosegal , but our dear
Santa seems like he’s not paying attention to his own weight this year and obviously stuck in the
chimney! Help him through to get mysterious Rosegal gifts worth $50.
How can I help Santa?
Easy, click on this link
and push him down. You are able to push Santa once per day, you push twice if you shared this
What can I get from helping Santa?
up to 15% and $7 Off coupon are wrapped and prepared. If you push Santa hard enough, you
might receive a special bonus present. Mysterious Rosegal product bundle worth $50!

What about the Rosegal Chrismas Sale?
Oh of course, how could we miss the sale? Especially a sale up to 70% Off!
Ladies and gents, 2017 is almost over. Rosegal
will have brand factory new products coming up in 2018, so if you have any products that
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Rosegal X-mas sale might as well solve
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